Is Your at Plumbing Risk?

pressure regulator showing 85 psi

Plumbing, whether or not you know anything about it, is very important. It’s how your water comes into your home and how water exits your home. On occasion leaks and major floods can occur, but how? The number one cause of plumbing related leaks is too-high water pressure.

“Water pressure is like a car tire, if there is too much air in your car tire you could get a blow-out. If there is too much water pressure going into your home you could flood your house”

– Tony Falco, CEO Accurate Leak Locators.

What Does Too-High Water Pressure Mean?

Inside of your home are many water supply lines (flex lines) and angle stops. These are used to distribute at the water from the plumbing pipes in the wall or ground to the plumbing fixture, for example, a sink or toilet. An angle stop is put between the supply line and the plumbing pipe to turn the water off/on to the direct fixture in case of a leak. These supply lines and angle stops are very common to bursting and flooding a home within minutes due to too-high of water pressure.

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