Why are houses like Children?

house on trampoline

Houses need TLC, Just like your children do.

Having children means a lot of things. But today we are referencing the most important part of having children: TLC. If parents didn’t take steps to care for their children’s health, they would have sick, unhealthy kids and parents could face legal consequences. Also kids would feel mistreated and un-cared for.

How do you think your house feels? Not that it is physically a person but if it could talk, what would it say about how you care for it? Why does nobody inform us when we buy a home that it comes with responsibilities? There’s no owner manual to owning a home. Life lessons for adulthood aren’t taught in school. So how do people know to properly care for a home?

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Dran-o or Dra-NO!

sample of grease and grime build up from kitchen drain

How to properly maintain and clean residential drain-lines.

Ever get frustrated every time you wash your dishes or brush your teeth and the sink keeps filling up and drains slowly? There is a reason why this happens, in fact, there could be multiple reasons. Today, we are going to address one particular reason for slow draining drains. GREASE and GRIME.

Throughout the years, grease and grime stick and harden to the walls of the drain pipes creating “build-up.” This build-up reduces the actual circumference size of your drain line. Which means that the volume of water that usually flows down the drain line has now become minimized resulting in the slow draining process.

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Is Your at Plumbing Risk?

pressure regulator showing 85 psi

Plumbing, whether or not you know anything about it, is very important. It’s how your water comes into your home and how water exits your home. On occasion leaks and major floods can occur, but how? The number one cause of plumbing related leaks is too-high water pressure.

“Water pressure is like a car tire, if there is too much air in your car tire you could get a blow-out. If there is too much water pressure going into your home you could flood your house”

– Tony Falco, CEO Accurate Leak Locators.

What Does Too-High Water Pressure Mean?

Inside of your home are many water supply lines (flex lines) and angle stops. These are used to distribute at the water from the plumbing pipes in the wall or ground to the plumbing fixture, for example, a sink or toilet. An angle stop is put between the supply line and the plumbing pipe to turn the water off/on to the direct fixture in case of a leak. These supply lines and angle stops are very common to bursting and flooding a home within minutes due to too-high of water pressure.

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Hot water leaks accelerate mold growth rates!

Black mold in the corner of room wall

– Tony Falco, CEO Accurate Leak Locators

How to prevent mold in your home

Many homeowners are unaware that the number one cause of mold is excessive moisture. Without the moisture mold cannot grow. If you are a homeowner who cannot figure out where mold keeps coming from, you can use a hygrometer to check the humidity levels in your home. Experts say humidity levels should be below 55%.

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Homeowners Beware!


From the Desk of Tony Falco

When it comes to home improvements, maintenance, and remodeling some of us are not handy. 

While others are very handy, however there just is not enough time in the day to get the task(s) done. So sometimes it is easier to pay someone else to do it, like a Contractor.  While this might be reasonable and in most cases work out, there are some unfortunate people that get taken advantage of.   

How do you know if the Contractor you chose is the right contractor for the job?

Here are a few steps to help. Be careful choosing a handyman, it is recommended to use a licensed, trustworthy Contractor.

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Summer is here

house and sun illustration

From the Desk of Tony Falco,

As we all know, home maintenance is not always cheap, but it is a necessity. Just as our cars need to be maintained so does our home.   Accurate Leak Locators (ALL, Inc.) has a sister company, (DBA) Menifee Plumbing, Falco and Sons for those home maintenance needs.  Both companies are owned and operated by the same individuals however they provide different services.  Tony Falco and Accurate Leak Locators have been working for insurance companies for well over 25 years throughout Southern California. They specialize in plumbing work for insurance companies, as well as homeowners in over six counties. Menifee Plumbing is a local service company serving the Menifee Valley and its surrounding areas as a full service plumbing company.

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Wait, I have a Leak?

Modern faucet closeup with water drop

From the Desk of Tony Falco,

Did you know that in Southern California the number one cause for water loss claims are plumbing related leaks, causing over $10,000 worth of damages. You may be thinking what do you mean plumbing leaks? Isn’t water just there when I need it, there’s such a thing as a leak? For those of you who are not plumbing savvy, we hope this article will broaden your basic plumbing knowledge when it comes to protecting your home.

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