PEX Piping

Whether its in your slab, your walls, or anywhere else there’s a chance that your older home (or possibly even new home) has or will experience some sort of slab or wall leak at some point. An important question you will be asked when this happens. Would you like your home repiped in PEX or copper piping?

Most of us are already familiar with copper, but have no idea what PEX piping is. PEX is a polyethylene plastic. PEX does not scale nor lose its material integrity or strength due to the chlorines in the water. PEX pipe is also a lot cheaper than copper and easier to install. It is more flexible and uses fewer fittings by being able to travel to direct routing points. The downside to PEX piping is rodents. If you’re located in an area that is prone to rodent infestation then PEX piping might not be the best choice for you.