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Accurate Leak Locators and Plumbing uses only state-of-the-art sound equipment to locate and pinpoint leaks. A sound test is performed to detect possible leaks within the plumbing system. Special electronic sound equipment is used to detect the leak through sound waves. Our plumbing technicians use this equipment to locate the exact location of the leak prior to making any repairs.


electronic detection

Acoustic Leak Detection

This method uses specialized microphones and sensors to detect the high-frequency sounds produced by water leaks in pipes. The equipment amplifies and translates these sounds into a frequency range audible to the human ear, allowing technicians to pinpoint the location of the leak.

How it Works

  • Pipes are drained and pressurized with air or an inert gas like CO2.
  • The pressurized gas escaping through any leaks creates a distinct hissing sound.
  • Sensitive microphones and electronic amplifiers detect and amplify these faint sounds.
  • A meter or visual display indicates the sound level, helping technicians trace the leak to its loudest point.


  • Non-invasive and non-destructive method for locating leaks.
  • Effective for detecting leaks in pipes under slabs, walls, or buried underground.
  • Allows precise leak location, minimizing the need for extensive excavation or demolition.
  • Can detect even minor leaks that may not be visible or audible to the human ear.


  • Less effective for deeply buried pipes or plastic pipes that transmit sound poorly.
  • Requires specialized equipment and trained technicians for accurate results.
  • Background noise can interfere with the detection process in some environments.
  • Experience trumps all methods, 30 years.

Other Electronic Methods

  • Thermal imaging cameras can detect temperature differences caused by water leaks, aiding in leak location.
  • Pipe tracing with radio frequency transmitters can help locate the position of buried pipes and potential leak sites.

By leveraging electronic sound detection and other advanced technologies, our plumbers and leak detection specialists can accurately identify and locate leaks in plumbing systems, enabling timely repairs and minimizing water damage and associated costs.

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