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When you have a minor blockage in your drain line that affects the performance of your drains, it can occasionally cause back-ups or a sudden and accidental toilet overflow. Our certified technicians use a cable machine called a snake to “pop” the blockage. The use of a snake is only for soft blockages and temporary fixes. It is not meant to correct or permanently remove drain back-ups related to “tree roots”.

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What is Drain Snaking?

  • It involves using a long, flexible auger cable or “snake” that is fed into the drain pipe to dislodge and break up clogs caused by debris, hair, grease, tree roots, or other obstructions.
  • The snake is manually cranked or powered by a drain machine to advance it through the pipe until it reaches the clog.
  • The auger cable has a coiled metal wire or cutting head at the end to grab and pull out the clogged material.

When is Drain Snaking Needed?

  • For slow-draining sinks, tubs, showers, or floor drains indicating a clog.
  • When a plunger or drain cleaner fails to clear a stubborn clog.
  • As preventative maintenance to clear buildup in drain lines before a complete blockage occurs.

Types of Drain Snakes

Hand Augers: Small, hand-cranked snakes for minor clogs in sinks, tubs, or shorter drain runs.

Sectional Cable Machines: Longer snakes with interchangeable cable sections to access clogs deeper in drain lines or main sewer lines.

Motorized Drain Machines: Powerful motor-driven snakes with different cable sizes and cutting heads for tough, embedded clogs.

Our professional plumbers have the right equipment and expertise to effectively snake drain lines without causing damage. We can also use video camera inspections to locate and assess clogs before snaking. As an alternative, we also offer hydro-jetting when necessary. We highly recommend pressure washing inside of drains.

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