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At most water services there should be a bell-shaped mechanism called a pressure regulator. A pressure regulator is designed to protect the plumbing pipes inside of your home to prevent high water pressure. Its job is to keep the water pressure in your home regulated between 45-65 PSI. Anything over this is putting your plumbing at risk, especially water angle stops and flex lines. You should check your water PSI using a water pressure gauge once a year to ensure it is functioning properly.

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Here are the key points about pressure regulator replacement and parts:


Types of Pressure Regulators

  • Pressure reducing regulators: Reduce high input pressure to a lower controlled output pressure
  • Back-pressure regulators: Maintain a set pressure at the inlet side by opening to allow flow when inlet pressure exceeds the set value

Regulator Components

  • Restricting element (valve)
  • Loading element (weight, spring, actuator)
  • Measuring element (often a diaphragm) to determine when inlet flow equals outlet flow


Replacement and Parts

  • Pressure regulators are available as complete units. We stock pressure regulators and have what you’ll need onsite.
  • Replacement parts like pilots, restrictors, filters, hoses, and gauges are also available to service existing regulators. We do not service these parts, we always recommend replacement.
  • Choosing the right regulator depends on factors like fluid type, pressure range, flow rate, and application requirements

Consult with our experts to ensure compatibility and proper operation. Proper selection and maintenance of pressure regulators is crucial for safe and efficient fluid control in various applications.

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We Are Fully Stocked With:

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