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A slab leak repair constitutes the restoration of a plumbing pipe, be it for drainage or potable water, concealed beneath the concrete foundation, commonly referred to as a slab. This intricate process commences with the meticulous removal of surface materials covering the concrete foundation, which may include carpet, tile, wood flooring, laminate, or vinyl. Subsequently, specialized jackhammering techniques are employed to delicately excavate the concrete, unveiling the damaged plumbing pipe underneath. With precision and expertise, the necessary repairs are executed, followed by the meticulous backfilling of the excavated area with soil and concrete.

plumber repair slab leak

It’s imperative to engage a contractor proficient in replacing the removed surface materials to restore the area to its original state which is what you’ll receive from Accurate Leak Locators. When jackhammering we use a C/N air machine and dust preventative methods to minimize dust.

A slab leak signifies a breach in the water pipes nestled beneath or within the concrete foundation, known as the slab, of a residence or building. Explore the essential aspects concerning the resolution of slab leaks:

Detecting Slab Leaks

  • Signs of a slab leak include water stains, warm/damp floors, low water pressure, unexplained high water bills, and the sound of running water when no fixtures are on.
  • Professionals use specialized equipment like leak detection devices and cameras to pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

Repair Options

1. Trenchless Repair for Drain Lines

  • Minimally invasive method involving small access holes in the slab.
  • Pipe sleeving or pipe bursting techniques are used to reline or replace the leaking pipe section without major demolition.

2. Pipe Rerouting or Re-Piping

  • Involves installing new pipes by rerouting them away from the slab, often requiring demolition of ceiling/walls.
  • Suitable when multiple pipes are damaged or for targeted pipe replacements.

3. Slab Penetration (Jackhammering)

  • A hole is jackhammered through the slab to access and replace the leaking pipe section.
  • More invasive but may be necessary for certain leak locations as long as it is not past tension slab.

4. Tunneling

  • Tunnels are dug underneath the slab from the exterior to access and repair leaking pipes.
  • Avoids interior demolition but is more labor-intensive. Not recommended in California.


slab leak repair options

The repair method depends on factors like the leak location, extent of damage, and accessibility. Costs can range from a few hundred dollars for trenchless repairs to thousands for more extensive work involving re-piping or tunneling.

Addressing slab leaks promptly is crucial to prevent further damage to the foundation, floors, and potential mold growth. Consulting with our professional plumbers experienced in slab leak detection and repair is highly recommended.

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