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Within the realm of faulty pipeline systems, two pivotal treatments reign supreme. Firstly, re-piping entails a comprehensive overhaul of both hot and cold-water lines. This procedure is often necessitated in residences and properties plagued by galvanized pipe leaks that transcend conventional repair methods. Conversely, re-routing involves the strategic elimination of a singular line within the hot or cold-water network afflicted by leaks.

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Re-piping and re-routing are two common methods used for repairing or replacing faulty water pipes in a home or building. Here are the key details about these services:


Re-piping involves completely replacing the existing water supply pipes throughout the entire property with new pipes. This is typically done when the existing pipes are old, corroded, or have widespread leaks or damage.

  • The old pipes are removed and replaced with new materials like copper or PEX (cross-linked polyethylene).
  • The process usually takes several days to complete for a whole house repipe.
  • It is a more invasive and expensive option but provides a comprehensive solution for aging or failing plumbing systems.
  • Copper lines that fall due to our hard water replaced with PEX.


Re-routing, also known as pipe or line re-routing, is a more targeted approach to repairing specific sections of damaged or leaking pipes.

  • Instead of replacing all pipes, only the problematic sections are repaired or re-routed along a different path.
  • It involves cutting into walls or ceilings to access the damaged pipe section and installing a new pipe segment along a different route.
  • This method is less disruptive and typically more cost-effective than a full re-pipe.
  • It is suitable when the remaining pipes are in good condition, and only isolated areas need repair.

Both re-piping and re-routing services typically follow a multi-day process involving steps like:

  • Initial assessment and pricing options
  • Design and planning of the new pipe routes
  • Turning off the main water supply and running new pipes
  • Connecting the new pipes to fixtures and appliances
  • Drywall patching and painting to restore affected areas by others

The choice between re-piping or re-routing depends on factors like the extent of damage, age of the existing pipes, budget, and the plumber’s recommendations based on their assessment. Our reputable plumbing professionals offer upfront pricing and will help with your insurance coverage applications.

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