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There are several different types of shut-off valves. Three very important shut offs are:


1. Gate Valves

2. Ball Valves

3. Angle Stops

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These shut offs are installed to isolate water lines in the event of a plumbing leak. These shut offs over time can become rusty and break due to corrosion. It is important to turn these shut offs on/off on occasion to prevent them from malfunctioning during a time when you need to shut the water off (minimum would be once per year but twice per year is better).

Shut-off valves are essential components in plumbing systems that allow you to control the flow of water or other fluids. They are designed to provide full on and full off functionality or to regulate the flow rate. Shut-off valves are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications for handling liquids, gasses, and slurries.

There are several types of shut-off valves, each with its own advantages and applications:

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  1. Gate Valves: Gate valves have a circular handle that raises or lowers a metal gate inside the valve body. When closed, the gate blocks the water flow. Gate valves are more common in industrial applications but can also be found controlling main water pipes or hot water boilers in some homes.
  2. Ball Valves: These valves have a lever handle and a ball with a hole through its center. When the valve is open, the hole is aligned with the water pipe, allowing flow. Closing the handle rotates the ball 90 degrees, blocking the flow. Ball valves are often used as the main water shutoff for homes.
  3. Angle stop valves: also known as angle stops or angle valves, are essential plumbing components that provide a way to shut off the water supply to individual fixtures or appliances. They are typically installed under sinks, behind toilets, or near water heaters and washing machines.

When choosing a shut-off valve, we consider factors such as the pipe size, flow rate, operating pressure, and the specific application. Consult with our professional plumbers or refer to product specifications from reputable manufacturers to select the most suitable valve for your needs.

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