A burst pipe is one of the worst plumbing emergencies one can imagine. A pipe bursting in your wall can wreak havoc in your home, causing major flooding that is expensive and time-consuming to repair.

It’s good to be prepared and know what to do if a pipe ever bursts in a wall of your home. Keep reading to learn 5 easy tips for how to deal with the aftermath of a pipe bursting in your wall.

1. Act Fast

The most important thing to do when a pipe bursts in the wall of your home is to act fast. Waiting too long to respond to the leak will cause the burst pipe to wreak even more havoc in your home and likely cause more damage than is necessary.

Although calling a plumber will eventually be required, there are several steps you can take yourself to attempt to minimize the damage that the burst pipe will cause to your home.

2. Turn Off Your Water

The biggest concern with regards to a burst pipe in your wall is the resulting leak that can cause major water damage to your home. The most effective action you can take to minimize that water damage is to turn off the main water supply to your home.

leaks caused by pipe burst

leaks caused by pipe burst

Fortunately, turning off the main water supply is very easy. The main water valve to your home should be located somewhere near the water heater in your home or outside of your home in a metal box on an exterior wall of your house. Once you locate the main water valve, turn it clockwise to shut off the water supply to your home. Leave your water supply completely switched off until a plumber has arrived to repair the burst pipe.

3. Clean up the Mess

Even after you turn off the main water supply to your home, you’ll probably have quite a mess on your hands. It’s important to clean up that mess, and it’s important to clean it up the right way.

Airflow is key to minimizing water damage. Open up any cabinets that have water damage to let air into them. Use a hairdryer or a fan to blow air on the areas of your home that have the most water damage. Use towels—preferably warm, dry towels—to mop up any flooding. Make sure to change these towels frequently to prevent mold and mildew from developing on them and causing an even bigger mess.

4. Document Everything

However easy it may be, don’t let yourself get so lost in the chaos of dealing with a burst pipe and trying to clean up the mess it has made that you forget to document evidence of the burst pipe and the resulting leak that springs from it. It is very important to gather photographic evidence of the burst pipe in your wall in order to be properly reimbursed for the damage by your home insurance company.

Quickly take pictures of any water damage or other damage that the burst pipe has caused in your home—before you clean any of it up. As you clean up the mess, take pictures along the way. The more photo evidence you have, the easier it will be for you to get the most possible money from your home insurance company to help cover the resulting damage of a pipe bursting in your wall.

5. Call a Plumber

After you’ve dealt with the initial aftermath of a pipe bursting in your wall, it’s time to call a plumber. A burst pipe is a major plumbing problem that you should not attempt to fix on your own. Repairing or replacing a burst pipe is a job best left to an experienced professional in the plumbing industry.

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