Water bills tend to be highest during the summer months when people are watering their gardens more to make up for lack of rainfall or filling up their pools and hot tubs for summer use. Although water bills are generally lower during the winter, everything from a leaky pipe to over-using your sprinklers can result in sky-high water bills throughout the coldest months of the year. However, there are several steps you can take toward saving money on your water bill this winter. In fact, you might be surprised about how much of a dent a few simple actions can make in the cost of your winter water bills. Keep reading to learn more about how to save money on your water bill during winter.

1. Change Up Your Sprinkler Schedule

During the winter, it rains much more frequently than it does in the summer. It’s also colder and there is more condensation in the air, which means that gardens and lawns are less likely to dry out as quickly as they do during the warmest months of the year. All of these factors lessen your need to water your garden as much as you do during the warmer, dryer months of the year.

Change up your sprinkler schedule during the winter in order to save money on your monthly water bills. Set up your sprinkler system to run less frequently and for shorter periods of time. This can help you save a significant amount of money on your water bills during the winter—without killing your lawn or destroying your garden.

2. Collect and Reuse Water

When it rains, your first thought is probably more along the lines of brewing a cup of hot tea and sitting down with a good book rather than heading out to go collect rainwater.

However, setting up buckets or drums in areas around your home that tend to flood with rainwater and then reusing the water that collects in these containers to water your garden or your lawn can help you use your sprinkler system or water spigot less frequently and thereby save money on your monthly water bills.

3. Drain Your Pool

If you and your household don’t generally use your pool very much during the winter, you might want to consider draining it during the coldest months of the year in order to help you save money on your winter water bills.

Filling and maintaining pools requires an exorbitant amount of water. You can save a significant amount of money on your monthly water bills if you are able to drain or at least cover your pool so you do not have to worry about filling or maintaining it during the winter months when it is not in use.

4. Use a Water Security Sensing Tool

Water security sensing tools are systems that allow you to track how much water your household is using per day, per week, per month, etc. The main purpose of a water security sensing tool, however, is to detect and alert you to any possible leaks in your home plumbing system.

Flo by Moen

Flo by Moen

You might think that a water leak or a burst pipe in your home would be obvious, but many minor leaks can cause severe water damage over time and can sneak up on you when you are suddenly hit with a costly water bill at the end of the month.

Accurate Leak Locators and Plumbing is a family-owned, professional plumbing business that is based in the city of Perris in Riverside County and serves valued customers throughout several counties across Southern California.

This professional plumbing company offers Flo by Moen, which is an all-in-one water security system. It monitors your home plumbing system and your household’s water usage. It is very sensitive and immediately alerts you to any leak or leaks in your plumbing system as soon as it detects them in order to help you avoid both sky-high water bills and severe water damage in your home.

Give Accurate Leak Locators and Plumbing a call today to inquire about Flo by Moen—which is one of the top water security systems on the market—and this professional plumbing company’s water security system installation services. For more tips on how you can save money on your water bill, make sure you revisit our blogs.