What are Water Filtration Systems?

A water filtration system is a system that filters the water that flows through your home
to remove any contaminants and chemicals that are present in the unfiltered tap water
that comes out of the faucets in your home. There are multiple types of water filtration
systems, each of which works a little differently.

One type of water filtration system—known as point-of-use water filtration systems—is
installed in a single room of your house—usually in a kitchen or bathroom—and use
reverse osmosis to quickly filter large volumes of water that flow through that specific
room. These water filtration systems only filter a portion of the water that flows through
your home.

Another type of water filtration system—called point-of-entry water filtration systems—is
installed where all of the water that flows through your home plumbing enters your
house—usually in the basement—and filters the water there before it reaches its final
destination in one of the rooms of your home. These water filtration systems filter all of
the water that flows through your home. They are commonly installed in homes in areas
where there is a high level of contaminants and pollution in the unfiltered tap water.

Although there are different types of water filtration systems, they are all designed to
filter contaminants out of the water that flows through your home in order to make it
safer and healthier for you and your family to drink, shower in, brush your teeth with, etc.

Water Filtration Systems Process

Water Filtration Systems Process

What are the Benefits of a Water Filtration System in Your Home?

The purpose of a water filtration system is to give you access to filtered water
throughout your home. Filtered water is water that has been stripped of contaminants,
chemicals, metals, and any other harmful materials.

The most obvious and notable benefit of having a water filtration system installed in
your home is that your tap water will be safe to drink and it will taste better. However,
water filtration systems have many other lesser-known benefits as well.

If you wash your clothes in filtered water, they will remain softer for longer and their
colors will stay more vibrant. Washing your hair in filtered water prevents build-up of
pollution in your hair and can make your hair appear softer and shinier. Washing your
face in filtered water can help prevent breakouts and blemishes. Overall, having filtered
water flowing through your home is healthier, safer, and generally better for you and
your family.

How to Get a Water Filter Installed in Your Home?

Water filtration systems can be tricky to install correctly, so it’s almost always better to
hire someone to install your filtration system in your home for you rather than attempting
to do so yourself.

The best way to get a water filtration system installed in your home is to hire a plumbing
contractor to install it for you. Most professional plumbing contractors have the skills,
knowledge, training, and equipment that is necessary to install water filtration systems
in their customers’ homes.

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