The water heater in your house is responsible for heating all of the water that runs through your home. That means that—when your water heater breaks—no one in your household will be able to take a hot shower, run the dishwasher effectively, wash clothes in hot water, or do virtually anything in your home that utilizes hot water. Time to call a water heater replacement provider?

Water heaters are obviously very important, but—like any other appliance—they eventually break. From enduring years of normal wear and tear to internal rusting, there are many reasons why water heaters break. There are some signs—such as unusual sounds or minor leaking—that can help you recognize a failing water heater and replace it before it actually breaks. However, these signs are often very subtle and many people don’t notice them until it is too late.

If you are unprepared, a broken water heater in your home can understandably send you and the rest of your household into a panicked frenzy of frustration and uncertainty. To avoid that panic if the day ever comes when your water heater breaks before you are able to replace it, here are the first three things you should do if your water heater breaks.

1. Turn Off Your Water Heater

If your water heater is leaking or is broken in some other capacity but has not yet burst, the first thing to do is turn it off immediately. Shutting off a water heater is very simple.

If you have a gas water heater, locate its thermostat. On top of the thermostat, there should be a dial. All you have to do to shut off your gas water heater is twist that dial from ON to OFF. If you have an electric water heater, locate its circuit breaker and turn the breaker to the OFF position.

2. Shut Off Your Home Water Supply

After you turn off your water heater, it is important to shut off the water supply to your whole house to avoid leaking and flooding and prevent your water heater from bursting if it has not burst already.

The main water shutoff valve for your home should be located either on an exterior wall of your house or in a utility area inside your home. Once you have located this valve, you can fully shut off all water to your home by twisting the valve clockwise. Be aware, however, that shutting off the water supply to your home will make it impossible for you to turn on any faucets in your house or use any appliances that require water flow.

3. Call a Professional Plumber

Replacing a broken water heater is a tough job. It’s complicated and requires special skills, tools, and expertise in order to be done right. If you want the job of replacing your water heater done the right way so that you can enjoy a properly functioning water heater for the next several years, hire a professional plumbing company that offers water heater replacement services.

If you are located in Southern California, call Accurate Leak Locators and Plumbing to replace your broken water heater. Accurate Leak Locators is a professional plumbing company that is based in Riverside County and serves several counties in the surrounding area throughout Southern California—including the entirety of the Inland Empire and areas throughout San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, and beyond.

Accurate Leak Locators and Plumbing offer top-quality water heater replacement services to their valued customers throughout Southern California. This professional, family-owned plumbing company with 30 years of experience in leak location and a wide range of plumbing services partners directly with one of the largest water heater companies in the country. This means that their warehouse is always stocked with a wide range of sizes and types of water heaters—so you don’t have to worry about waiting for the right water heater to arrive before you can have hot water again.

Fortunately for anyone whose water heater breaks at an inopportune time—before or after business hours, on a holiday, on a weekend, etc.—Accurate Leak Locators offers emergency plumbing services. Even if your water heater breaks in the middle of the night or on Christmas Day, the team at Accurate Leak Locators has you covered. Their team will come to replace your water heater no matter which day of the year it is or which time of day or night it is.

If your water heater is broken or if you are concerned that it might break in the near future, give your local water heater replacement provider a call today to get hot water flowing back into your home as quickly as possible.