Renowned and longstanding Riverside County-based plumbing service and leak location company Accurate Leak Locators has announced the opening of their brand-new location in the city of Perris, CA. Accurate Leak Locators’ new address is 1622 Illinois Ave, Perris, CA 92571.

The team at Accurate Leak Locators is confident that their new location, which is centrally located in the city of Perris and in Riverside County as a whole, will allow them to better and more efficiently serve their valued customers throughout their wide service area. Their new location is better equipped to house Accurate Leak Locators’ state-of-the-art equipment and tools that the Accurate Leak Locators team uses on each and every job in order to provide only the highest-quality service to their valued customers.

Who are Accurate Leak Locators?

Who are Accurate Leak Locators? What sets this plumbing service company apart from other plumbing service companies throughout Riverside County and its surrounding areas?

Accurate Leak Locators elevates themselves above other local plumbing service companies in many ways. Having been an integral part of the plumbing industry in Riverside County since 1997, Accurate Leak Locators brings more than 20 years of experience to their operations and the work that they do. All of the team members at this plumbing service and leak location company are trained in the most modern, up-to-date techniques and technologies for the services they provide and are equipped with only the best tools and equipment for each and every job.  We are also approved to work with the top insurance providers.

Accurate Leak Locators is a family-owned company that prioritizes providing high-quality customer service above all else. Unlike other plumbing service companies that just want to squeeze as much money out of their customers as they possibly can, Accurate Leak Locators is devoted to providing top-quality plumbing services at affordable prices and offering top-quality customer service while they’re at it. Accurate Leak Locators proves the depth of their dedication to their customers through the emergency plumbing services they offer. Their emergency plumbing services are available 24/7, day and night and on all major holidays. The team at Accurate Leak Locators understands that plumbing problems don’t wait for business hours, so they’re ready to tackle any plumbing problem in your home at any time of day or night.

Beyond their skills, experience, and the top-quality personalized customer service they provide to each and every one of their valued customers, Accurate Leak Locators also offers a uniquely wide range of services. In addition to their full range of standard plumbing services, Accurate Leak Locators also offers leak location services. Their team is specially trained to detect and repair tough-to-spot leaks inside and outside of your home, which can save you a ton of stress and money in the long run.

The team at Accurate Leak Locators can do anything from repairing or installing a water heater to detecting a gas leak to unclogging a drain and much, much more. If you’re not sure if Accurate Leak Locators can help with your plumbing or leak problem, give them a call today to see if the services you need are within the wide range of services they offer.

What is Accurate Leak Locators Service Area?

If you’re wondering about how Accurate Leak Locators’ relocation will affect their service area, look no further. If you’re concerned about whether or not you’ll still be able to receive top-quality service from plumbers on the Accurate Leak Locators team when you have plumbing problems, don’t be.

Accurate Leak Locators has always had and continues to maintain a very wide service area. They are proud to offer their wide range of plumbing and leak location services to their valued customers who are located throughout the entirety of Riverside County and its surrounding areas. Whether you’re based in Temecula, CA, or Corona, CA, you’re covered by Accurate Leak Locators’ wide service radius, regardless of their brand-new location. For your emergency plumbing needs contact Accurate Leak Locators in Perris.