Earthquake Readiness For Plumbing

Is your home ready for the 7.0 or bigger?

Due to the recent shaking, rattling and rolling recently everyone is concerned about earthquakes. Are you prepared? You have been told to store water and food, but have you ever thought about your largest investment for the average American? Your home, the place where your kids and loved ones live and visit.

Did you know that a larger quake of 6.5 or more that could break water lines, rupture gas lines, and even collapse sewer lines?


  • Do you have an earthquake auto-shut off on your gas meter? This is a device which will automatically shut your gas off.
  • Do you have a gas shut off wrench and water meter shut off wrench easily available to shut off these lines?
  • Do you have a good shut off valve for your water supply? For quick and easy shut off in seconds you should have a ball valve installed. This should be on your main service line going into your home and one on your water heater as well.
  • Does your water heater have proper earthquake strapping? Are the flex lines in good condition?
  • Do you have a good two-way clean-out in the front of your home?

Remember to always be ready for when the quake is over. Your first priority will be the safety of yourself and your family. Then check the home for gas leaks, water leaks, perform a running drain test and any structural damage.