Like any plumbing problem, a running toilet is an annoying problem that almost every homeowner has to deal with at some point or another. One thing you may want to consider is fill valve replacement services to fix it.

Although it’s much less serious than many other home plumbing issues, a running toilet can cause your water bill to increase significantly and can even lead to more serious water leaks over time. Because of the serious water damage and astronomical water bills, it can cause, a running toilet is actually a bigger and more urgent issue than many homeowners believe.

If you’re currently struggling with a running toilet, keep reading to learn why your toilet might be running and how to fix it in the easiest and most cost-effective way possible.

Why is My Toilet Running?

There are several possible reasons why your toilet might be running. A failing flush valve can cause your toilet to run continuously. An excessively long or too-short flapper chain can cause the same problem. A corroded toilet handle is another—albeit less common—cause of a continuously running toilet.

However, one of the most common reasons why your toilet is continuously running is a leaky fill valve that needs to be replaced. Fortunately, fill valve replacement is fairly simple and affordable. If your toilet is running continuously, keep reading to learn more about leaky fill valves and the signs that point to them.

What is a Fill Valve?

A toilet’s fill valve is the part of the toilet that refills the toilet tank after the toilet is flushed. It is responsible for refilling the tank when the toilet is flushed in order to regulate the toilet tank’s water levels and allow the toilet to be flushed again at any time.

Parts of the toilet needed to know for Fill valve replacement

Parts of the toilet needed to know for Fill valve replacement

However, over time, there are several different things that can go wrong with a toilet’s fill valve and cause it to leak. The fill valve can fall out of alignment, which can cause abnormal wear on the valve’s parts and lead to a leaky valve. This valve can also begin to leak over time because of nothing more than long-term normal wear and tear.

So how do you know if the cause of your continuously running toilet is a leaky fill valve or another issue entirely? Fortunately, there’s an easy test that solves this mystery. Start off by flushing your toilet normally. When the toilet tank starts to refill itself, lift up the float arm inside of the toilet tank. This should trick your toilet’s fill valve into thinking that the toilet tank is already full of water, so water should stop running into your toilet tank. If the tank continues to fill with more water after you lift up the float arm, there’s a good chance that your toilet’s fill valve has an active leak and needs to be replaced.

Fill Valve Replacement Services

While it is possible to replace a fill valve on your own, it is not a recommended DIY project. For the sake of your sanity and your home plumbing system, it is a much smarter decision to hire a professional plumber to replace your toilet’s fill valve.

After all, the cost of hiring a professional plumber to replace your toilet’s fill valve is likely much lower than the cost of repairing any damages you might accidentally cause to your home plumbing system by trying to replace your toilet’s fill valve without the knowledge, skills, and tools you need in order to do so successfully.

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