What is a Bidet? Bidets are special basins that spray a stream of water to clean your private areas after you use the bathroom. These bathroom plumbing fixtures are very common throughout parts of Asia, Europe, and South America. Unfortunately, traditional bidets are very expensive and can be difficult to install in many homes in the U.S.

It is installed underneath your toilet seat. It features a pressurized water nozzle and an attached arm with a knob that controls the spray of the water that comes out of the nozzle. This attachment can be easily installed onto almost any toilet and allows you to experience the feeling of a bidet wash without the price or the commitment.

Why Use a Bidet Toilet Attachment?

Bidets are very commonly used in many countries worldwide. Although they are still uncommon in the United States, bidet toilet attachments have become much more popular nationwide in recent years as more people discover the many benefits of using them.

Many people that use this in their own homes go so far as to say that, once they tried a bidet, they never wanted to use a regular toilet again. So what is it about having one in your home that’s so life-changing?

1. Feel Cleaner

Bidets have been used in many parts of the world for hundreds of years and are renowned for their ability to clean and sanitize your skin more effectively than dry toilet paper. Using this type of toilet attachment has much more hygienic results than just wiping with toilet paper.

The pressurized water that it sprays cleans your skin much more thoroughly than dry toilet paper can. Many people who are used to using bidet toilet attachments in their homes actually report feeling unclean when they have to use a public toilet without a bidet attachment.

2. Reduce Irritation

Not only do bidet attachments clean your skin more thoroughly than toilet paper, they also clean more gently.

If you suffer from any type of irritation in your most private areas, using a bidet toilet attachment can help reduce that irritation.

Using a bidet rather than dry toilet paper to clean yourself after you use the bathroom can reduce irritation, soreness, and chapped skin and can even prevent the development of skin conditions such as hemorrhoids.

3. Save Money

While a real bidet will set you back up to $1000, bidet toilet attachments are very inexpensive. You can purchase a separate attachment for your toilet for anywhere from $25 to $100. This wide range of affordable prices allows you to experience the feeling without breaking the bank to buy one.

Plus, when you use a bidet toilet attachment, you get cleaner while using very little toilet paper. Having bidet attachments on the toilets in your home will save you a ton of money in toilet paper over time. Plus, it eliminates the problem of worrying about toilet paper scarcity from widespread panic-buying due to the coronavirus pandemic.

4. Install it Yourself

Setting up a bidet toilet attachment on your toilet involves a super quick and easy DIY installation that anyone can do themselves. You don’t need any special tools or skills to install a bidet toilet attachment in your home.

bidet for toilet

bidet for toilet

All it takes is a few simple steps to get your bidet toilet attachment ready for use. You don’t even have to remove your toilet seat. The exact steps to installing a bidet toilet attachment depend on which type of attachment you get, but almost all basic bidet attachments for your toilet are very easy to install yourself.

5. Reduce Environmental Pollution

Getting this toilet attachment for your home is an eco-friendly decision. Toilet paper is a single-use paper product, which is one of the biggest contributors to harmful deforestation. Once toilet paper is flushed, the harsh chemicals that are used to make toilet paper are known to contaminate local bodies of water with chlorine pollution. Also, the mass-production of toilet paper uses up a lot of energy, which in turn negatively affects the environment.

When you have a bidet, you use 50 to 100% less toilet paper than you would without one. Even this seemingly insignificant decrease in your personal toilet paper use can help you do your part to reduce your own carbon footprint and make your contributions to the environment positive rather than negative. Contact us for any issues!