A newly built house is higher in price compared to a pre-owned house. That is one of the factors that make people purchase such houses. Buying a house on the resale market has many benefits. The fact that the house has already been furnished is one of those. However, it has disadvantages too. One of them could be that you will need a lot of time and resources to remodel it to your liking. Old houses are victims of common plumbing problems as well. You do not expect that a house built 30 years ago is as good as new. This article will discuss in-depth the common plumbing problems found in old houses.

What Are The Most Common Plumbing Problems?

  • Low water pressure

Low water pressure is one of the plumbing problems common in pre-owned homes. If you find that the water pressure is very low in your pre-owned house, there is a cause for alarm. Generally, the water pressure should be good enough for you to do your tasks without any struggle. It is important to note that calcium and other sediments may build up in the aerator, making the pipe quite thinner. That lowers the pressure of the water that gets into your house. It could even be an alarm for more serious problems such as hidden leaks, pipes corrosion, or a blocked sewer system.

  • Blocked drains and toilets

It is most likely that you will experience problems with clogged drains or toilets. If you notice that there is water backing in your sink or bathroom, there is slow drainage. The pipes are clogged. Clogging is one of the most common problems when it comes to plumbing. Soap buildup, hair, and other small particles are the biggest culprits. Anything that is not dissolvable and is flushed down the toilet will, later on, bring clogging issues. The problem could also be in the sewer line. In such a situation, it would help if you called a plumbing company to deal with this, or else you will have a sewage backup in your house.

  • Leaking faucets and pipes

Most you have in your lifetime experienced leaking faucets. It could be a problem with the installation or, the taps have been in use for so long. The dripping can be very irritating, especially at night when everything else is quiet. Not only does it contribute to water waste but also in the escalation of the water bill. You might not be aware that the pipes are leaking until an inspection is done. Bursting mostly happens after winter when the water freezes and bursts the pipes. This should be a wake-up call to have the house thoroughly inspected on the existing plumbing issues before buying the home.

  • Old and worn-out fixtures

One advantage of fixtures used in the past is that they were solid and durable compared to those we use today. However, due to the materials used, they erode and start causing trouble in homes. Have you ever seen broken handle breaks or washers? Have you seen valves that are bad-looking? The water that goes through such fixtures has a nasty smell and taste. The strange taste and smell mean that the water is contaminated.

  • Outdated piping

Low water pressure and discolored water result from rusting pipes or pipes that release iron into the water. Once you see this happening, you should know that the house is still using the outdated piping system. The system in the 1970s used galvanized iron pipes covered with zinc. Although in the beginning, it was okay, these materials erode after use for a long period. If the water providers use lead service leans, there is a probability that Lead particles will get into your pipes. The best thing is to have a professional plumber look into the issue and install a water filtration system to make your water safe for use.

Polybutylene piping was also used in the past since it was affordable. But then, it reacts with oxidants and finally breaks down after some time. Leaks could be a result of the outdated pipping in the old house.

  • Running toilets

Running toilets are in the top list of Plumbing Problems Common in old houses. Though a running toilet is not as bad as a clogged one, it gets you to pay a higher bill than you should be paying. That is because it keeps running even when it is not used, leading to a lot of water going to waste.

You should have the valve that controls the flapper checked to ensure that water does not leave the tank unless it is flushed. If you think there are leaks, have a plumber check on them.

Bottom line

It is not an offense to buy a pre-owned house, but have it thoroughly checked to see if there are any Plumbing Problems Common in vintage homes before you do. If the issue will cost you a fortune and you are not prepared for it, it would be better to hang on and get another house.