If you own or rent a house or apartment, you are likely no stranger to plumbing problems. In fact, the only time most people think about plumbing and how it works is when they experience a problem with their home plumbing system—such as a clogged drain or a pipe leak—and have to repair it themselves or call in a professional to repair it for them. In most people’s minds, plumbing is primarily associated with unpleasant imagery and annoying problems that can be expensive to repair. Almost everyone has experienced plumbing issues in their lifetimes, but did you know that there is actually a day devoted only to celebrating plumbing? There is—it’s called World Plumbing Day and it occurs every year on March 11th. 

Keep reading to learn more about World Plumbing Day, how it started, and why it exists. It might surprise you to discover how plumbing connects to many aspects of the world in a variety of ways and how it is actually a lot more interesting than you think. 

Who Founded World Plumbing Day?

World Plumbing Day hasn’t always existed. It was founded in 2010 by the World Plumbing Council. The World Plumbing Council is an international organization that is dedicated to helping facilitate the growth and development of plumbing systems around the world—in both developed and developing countries.

The World Plumbing Council has several goals that it aims to achieve in its work toward its goal of developing clean and safe global plumbing industries around the world.

This organization strives to create a global network of plumbing industries. Part of this goal involves improving the design and control of plumbing industries worldwide. The World Plumbing Council is also devoted to improving the education and training that professional plumbers have to undergo in order to gain licensure as professional plumbers.

These goals are in place to make sure that worldwide plumbing industries are contributing toward safe and clean plumbing around the globe while using the most effective tools and techniques. This also relates to another goal of the World Plumbing Council to make progress in plumbing research and discover new, innovative repair and development techniques to be used in the plumbing industry.

All of the World Plumbing Council’s goals relate to this organization’s primary objective to grow and develop plumbing industries around the world.

Why Was World Plumbing Day Founded?

Most people understand that access to good-quality plumbing systems is very important, but plumbing still has a fairly negative reputation worldwide. It is generally associated with gross messes and annoying problems that can be very expensive to repair.

World Plumbing Day Celebrates plumbers around the world

World Plumbing Day Celebrates plumbers around the world

Also, most people don’t realize how important the coordination of plumbing industries is around the world. The development of global plumbing industries in turn aids in the advancement of plumbing techniques and the proper education and training of professional plumbers around the world.

High-quality global plumbing industries with well-trained and educated plumbers also promote sanitation and access to clean water worldwide. Good-quality plumbing industries are even directly related to environmental sustainability and economic prosperity, so growing the global plumbing industry helps promote this sustainability and prosperity in both developing and developed nations.

The primary reason why the World Plumbing Council chose to found World Plumbing Day in 2010 is to improve the reputation of plumbing and increase awareness of the importance of developing a global network of plumbing industries worldwide.

How to Celebrate World Plumbing Day

It’s not too late to celebrate World Plumbing Day 2021. World Plumbing Day is generally marked with competitions and celebrations within the plumbing industry. The World Plumbing Council also hosts various seminars and distributes resources on a global scale in honor of World Plumbing Day to help spread the word about the importance of good-quality plumbing industries worldwide.

If you are not involved in the plumbing industry yourself, the best way for you to celebrate and help advance the goals of the World Plumbing Council is to get the word out about how important plumbing is as well as the necessity of developing global plumbing industries around the world.

By promoting World Plumbing Day, you are supporting the development of sanitation, access to clean water, health, environmental sustainability, and economic prosperity around the world.