At Accurate Leak Locators and Plumbing, we prioritize providing affordable and top-quality plumbing and leak location services as well as customer service of the highest quality. If you are interested in how we perform our leak location and plumbing services in our real day-to-day jobs, keep reading to learn more about recent services we performed for a customer who called us for help with a backed-up kitchen sink, resulting in a drain line repair job.

The Problem

No leak location or plumbing job that our customers present to us are ever exactly the same. Each problem our team encounters is slightly different. We often have to come up with creative and innovative solutions in order to fix the problem at hand and leave our customers satisfied with our work.

A Clogged Kitchen Sink

In the case of one particular recent job our team performed, a customer called us because their kitchen sink was clogged. The drain line that leads to the laundry room and kitchen in this customer’s home had failed in some way, which led to a backup in the customer’s kitchen sink—rendering the kitchen sink completely non-functional.

The Process

Our process of performing leak location and plumbing services always begins with finding the location of the leak or the source of the plumbing problem. This first step allows us to accurately assess the work that needs to be done without performing any unnecessary services in order to offer the most affordable prices for our valued customers.

Finding the Source

The first step to fixing the common problem of a clogged drain is to find the source of the backup in the drain line to determine why the drain is clogged in the first place. In order to find the source of the backed-up kitchen sink in this particular job, we first jetted the failing drain line to clear it and performed a camera inspection inside the drain line in order to find the source of the backup in the pipe.

Oftentimes, there are very simple solutions for clogged drains that our team encounters. Unfortunately, in the case of this specific job, the problem was not simple. Through our jetting and camera inspection services, we discovered several breaks in the drain line that were causing the backup in the kitchen sink.

Repairing the Drain Line

After discovering the source of the customer’s clogged kitchen sink, our team left the job site and returned the next day to perform the necessary repairs in the customer’s home.

We began by setting up a containment area in order to isolate any dust and debris as a result of our repairs inside of our workspace. After successfully setting up our containment area, we then removed the built-in entertainment center and flooring in our workspace without causing any damage to the entertainment center or the original flooring. We performed jackhammering in order to expose the affected drain line and repaired the breaks in the drain line to restore the pipe to its original functional condition.

After performing the necessary repairs on the affected drain line, we tested the previously failing pipe and found that it was flowing properly and that the kitchen sink was no longer backed up.

The End Result

At Accurate Leak Locators and Plumbing, our primary goal is customer satisfaction. As a small-scale family-owned business, we do our best to form close bonds with our customers and ensure that the results of the services we perform for them are up to their standards.

We always leave a clean job site behind and try our very best to go above and beyond with our services to ensure that each and every one of our customers is satisfied with the end results of our work. For this particular job, that meant leaving our customer with a clean kitchen and a clean kitchen sink.

A Clean Kitchen with a Clear Drain

Our team at Accurate Leak Locators and Plumbing performs leak location and plumbing services at both residential and commercial job sites. In the case of this job, the job site was our customer’s kitchen inside of their home.

Jackhammering definitely leaves a mess behind, but our team makes sure that we clean up after ourselves completely even after performing services that require jackhammering. Our ultimate goal is to both solve our customer’s plumbing problem and leave the job site looking better and cleaner than it did before we began our work there.

Before leaving this job site, we cleaned up all of the dust and other debris that was left behind from when we jackhammered to reach the failing pipe underneath the kitchen. Once all of this dust and debris was cleared, we cleaned the customer’s kitchen sink—including removing all dishes from the sink—and kitchen countertops to leave behind a completely clean kitchen with a cleared and functional kitchen sink drain.