When the weather is hot and dry, the average household tends to use more water. From drinking more water to taking more showers to use more water to keep your front lawn alive, there are many reasons why most households experience a sharp increase in their water usage during the summer months of the year. In this post, we will tell you how to manage water during the heat waves.

Using too much water during heat waves can worsen existing droughts in your area, drive up your water bill, and waste energy on the process of water filtration—which is a very energy-intensive process. If you want to learn how to save water in hot weather, here are 3 ideas for how to best manage your household’s water usage during heat waves.

1. Turn Off the Tap

One of the simplest and most effective ways to manage your household’s water usage during heat waves is to simply turn off the faucets in your home whenever possible. This habit is often overlooked and underrated, but it can make a huge difference in your household’s water usage.

Pay attention to when your faucets are on or off. Do you leave the sink on while you’re brushing your teeth? Do you keep the shower running while you’re busy shaving your legs or letting your conditioner sit in your hair? It is very common for people to keep faucets turned on when they don’t need to be on, which wastes a ton of water. Remember to turn off all the taps in your home when you or a member of your household are not actively using the water.

2. Design a Drought-Friendly Yard

One of the biggest water guzzlers—especially during the summer months—is your sprinkler system. If you have a grass lawn, it takes a significant amount of water to keep that grass healthy and green when the weather is very hot and dry.

If you want to take a big step toward managing your household’s water usage better during heat waves, consider replacing your lawn with drought-friendly landscaping instead. Replacing grass and thirsty flowers with succulents, ground cover, and plants that don’t require much water can help you save a significant amount of water. Not only does switching to a drought-friendly yard help you conserve water during heat waves, it also saves you money on your water bill year-round. Plus, drought-friendly landscaping is actually widely considered to be more modern, stylish and attractive than a standard green grass lawn.

3. Invest in a Water Security System

Investing in a water security system can help you monitor and track your household’s water usage over time. Water security systems help you notice when your household is using more water than normal and gives you the opportunity to take steps to conserve water before you are shocked by a massive water bill at the end of a month.

Flo by Moen

Flo by Moen

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