Just the thought of the need to clear your outdoor drains can be a major nuisance for homeowners. If left unattended, clogged outdoor drains can wreak havoc on your home and your yard. Water that is unable to pass through an outdoor drain can build up and flood its surrounding areas, potentially ruining your landscaping and even possibly damaging the foundation of your home itself.

There are many reasons why your outdoor drain might be clogged. Tree roots and broken pipes are two of the most severe sources of clogged outdoor pipes. However, it is much more common for outdoor drains to clog due to a buildup of debris that has developed over time. It is very common for plant material in outdoor drains to cause clogs that need to be cleared.

Because clogged outdoor drains can cause major problems if they are not properly cleared as soon as possible, it is important to act without delay if you have a clogged drain in your yard. Keep reading to learn simple strategies you can use to clear your outdoor drains the right way—without risking any damage to the rest of your plumbing system.

1. Try a Chemical Drain Unblocker

Chemical drain unblockers can in many cases be effective at clearing minor clogs in outdoor pipes. These powerful chemical agents corrode dirt and other debris that could possibly be blocking your clogged outdoor drain.

How to clean your outdoor drain

How to clear your outdoor drains

However, homeowners should exercise caution when using chemical drain unblockers to clear a clogged outdoor drain. Always read all instructions and warnings for the unblocker you choose to use before you use it, and wear gloves at all times while using chemical drain unblockers.

2. Use Your Garden Hose

A simple garden hose is actually one of the most effective tools for clearing clogged outdoor drains.

Position the mouth of your garden hose slightly inside the clogged outdoor drain. Turn the hose on full blast and hold it there for several minutes to give the running water a chance to clear debris from the drain. If clear water starts draining out the opposite end of the drain, you’ll know that your hose flushing was effective at unclogging your outdoor drain.

3. Hire a Professional

In some cases, it is definitely possible to clear a clogged outdoor drain in your yard on your own. However, some drain blockages are more difficult to clear than others. If using your garden hose to flush out debris doesn’t work, consider hiring a professional plumber.

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