A toilet shut-off valve is the part of the toilet that controls the flow of water into the toilet. There are many situations in which understanding how to use your toilet’s shut-off valve and sever the flow of water into your toilet can come in very handy. If your toilet is clogged and overflowing, knowing how to operate its shut-off valve can help you prevent significant water damage to your home. It is also important to understand key differences between toilet shut-off valves because different types of shut-off valves have different advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the ins and outs of the most popular types of toilet shut-off valves can also help you choose the best type of shut-off valve for your toilet when its shut-off valve needs to be replaced. If you are unsure about anything, contact a local professional plumber.

There are many different types of toilet shut-off valves, some of which are very similar and difficult to differentiate. Keep reading to learn more about 10 of the top toilet shut-off valve types in order to be prepared in the case that you need to operate or replace your toilet’s shut-off valve in the future. 

  1. Compression Fit Shut-Off Valves 

Compression fit shut-off valves are compatible with copper pipes and some types of plastic pipes. You can install these shut-off valves without professional help, but many DIY-ers find the installation process difficult and some special tools are required.

  1. Quarter-Turn Shut-Off Valves 

Quarter-turn shut-off valves are known as one of the easiest types of shut-off valves to operate. All you have to do is quarter-turn the valve in one direction to shut off or turn on the flow of water to the toilet.

Quarter-Turn Shut-Off Valves 

Quarter-Turn Shut-Off Valves

  1. Multi-Turn Shut-Off Valves 

Multi-turn shut-off valves are very similar to quarter-turn shut-off valves. They are also very easy to operate. It can be difficult to tell multi-turn and quarter-turn shut-off valves apart, but the neck region of these valves look very different and can be used to differentiate multi-turn valves from quarter-turn valves.

  1. Push-On Shut-Off Valves 

Push-on shut-off valves are the most modern type of shut-off valve. They are compatible with a wide range of pipes, including plastic and copper piping. 

These shut-off valves are also the easiest type of shut-off valves to install on your own. Virtually all you have to do to install a push-on shut-off valve is to push the valve onto the pipe. 

  1. Sweat Fitting Shut-Off Valves 

Sweat fitting shut-off valves have some advantages. They are affordable, long-lasting, and do not leak very much. However, these shut-off valves are also permanent—i.e. very difficult to remove—and require professional soldering to be installed, so you really can’t DIY install these valves in your home. Also, they are only compatible with copper piping.

  1. Three-Way Shut-Off Valves 

Three-way shut-off valves are compatible with piping systems that have two different water supply systems—a cold water supply system and a hot water supply system. 

You’re not likely to find a three-way shut-off valve in your bathroom. This type of shut-off valve is most common in kitchens. 

  1. Barbed Fitting Shut-Off Valves 

Barbed fitting shut-off valves are compatible with cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) piping. These shut-off valves are lead-free, resistant to corrosion, and actually have a self-cleaning mechanism that prevents the buildup of scale inside the valve.

  1. CPVC Shut-Off Valves 

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) shut-off valves are one of the three most common types of plastic shut-off valves. CPVC stop valves are compatible with CPVC piping. They are also one of the easiest types of shut-off valves to install without professional help because they require no special tools to install.

  1. PEX Push-On Shut-Off Valves 

PEX push-on shut-off valves are another type of plastic shut-off valve. Some benefits of PEX push-on shut-off valves are that they are affordable and can be used on a wide variety of pipes including copper piping and different types of plastic piping. PEX push-on shut-off valves are also one of the easiest types of shut-off valves to install on your own because they do not require an external clamp to install.

  1. PEX Clamp Shut-Off Valves 

PEX clamp shut-off valves are another type of plastic shut-off valve that is made from PEX material. Like PEX push-on shut-off valves, PEX clamp shut-off valves are very affordable. However, PEX clamp shut-off valves are generally only compatible with PEX plastic piping.